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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The day I became a mother

I became a mother on a sunny Thursday morning. My son was delivered by a pre arranged cesarean. He was a beautiful bundle of joy. A healthy new born baby. My husband, I and the whole family were very happy with our first born child. As a baby my son completed his milestones like any  typical baby but he did not babble, he did not sleep at night and his drooling continued.We didn't realise anything was wrong until he was diagnosed. He did have good eye contact and played with toys when he was a baby  but later he lost eye contact. Now he has regained eye contact and stopped his drooling but still he is non-verbal. 

Being my son’s mother has taught me many things and made me learn things I never knew before. Like cutting hair, my son hated to cut his hair so much that it became a very difficult task so I learned and started cutting his hair myself in my own way in my own time the way he doesn’t get much upset so now it's not much of a big deal.

My son changed my life and he is the most special and best thing that has happened in my life.

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