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My son

My son  is  a friendly,  loving,  caring  child  oblivious  to  his  condition happy  within  his  own  world.
My son is non-verbal, does hands flapping, still he cannot chew solid food, have problem sleeping at night, he's afraid of heights, loud sounds and some textures. If he's not stopped he would sit on a swing and swing for hours. He loves to go for long walks and ride  in  any kind of vehicle.

My son is severely autistic, he has sensory problems, self stimulatory behavior and needs self help training.He was first diagnosed as autistic when he was 3 years old . Earlier he did not give eye contact  at all and preferred to be left alone. Now his eye contact is quite good and likes  to be among people. So far we haven’t been able to provide the much needed proper therapy  or send him to a special school regularly. As Autism is an unfamiliar subject to the small population, where we come from proper treatment ,therapy  and schooling  are not available.  It is our wish  to provide him proper therapy and schooling  but  we  are  unable  to  afford  to  take  him  to a place where these facilities are available. He loves and wants to go to school very much. He was enrolled in some schools  earlier but as the schools did not have services and trained teachers to attend children with autism he had to stop. 

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