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Welcome....to Someone Special with Autism. This blog is about my son and his everyday struggle living with Autism and Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in General. Though  I  do  not  have  much  information  about  autism,  I  wish  to  share  any information  I  have  and   my  experiences  living  with  Autism.  I  hope  my  blog  is  interesting and  useful  to  anyone  who  visits  it

About my son

 My eight year old son  is  a friendly,  loving,  caring  child  oblivious  to  his  condition happy  within  his  own  world. He was first diagnosed when he was 3 years old but unfortunately till today we have been unable to provide him proper therapy or send him to a special school regularly. Treatment for Autism is not available here. It is our wish to take him to a place where there are facilities available for autistic children but so far we’ve been unsuccessful to provide him the opportunity 

About Me
 I’m  a  stay  at  home  mom. I take care of my child and my home with my husband. We live in a beautiful island near the capital,  my son likes it here more because of the silence.  I used to go to work earlier. I worked for the government and did some freelance writing for local news papers and do some graphic designing. I still do some freelance work but now my priority is to spend time with my son.  

If  you   wish   to   contact  me,  you are most welcome. Please   contact  me  at  specialsumun@gmail.com

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