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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Autism Journey

The time is moving fast. Day by day years, are going by as I hope against hope. Hope remains but the time has flown by. As a mother of an autistic child I remain in hope that today is the day, I could find a break through to reach my child, to reach his thoughts, to find a way to communicate with him; that will make it easier to teach him daily life activities which were so easy for us to learn.

It is heart breaking to see that my child is soon going to reach his adolescent years as a baby.  Although, unhappy, with the progress of our journey I cherish every moment of our autism journey together.  I’m very proud of my son and thankful to god for choosing me as mother of a very special boy, his beautiful smile removes my tiredness gives me strength to go on.  His bravery in tolerating the difficulties and pain he has to go through being different and not being able to express himself makes me brave enough to take care of him, my home and also to face the disturbing words of people who don’t let go of a chance to press where it hurts.

When autism strikes you need to brace yourself to the outcome of it. As here there are not much opportunities for my son to go to a school or get treatment we have always been planning to move to another country but some suggest that it is not good to uproot your life and move to another place with an autistic child but as I see it from the moment that my child was diagnosed our life got uprooted now we don’t really belong anywhere accept autism community.  There might be some parents lucky enough to get help and support from family, friends and neighbors but in Asia I doubt that there would be many such lucky parents.

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