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Thursday, April 7, 2011

For some....healing has nothing to do with illness

After diagnosis it took me sometime to realize that I need to devote my life helping my child but the desperation and frustration overwhelms me and yet the improvement also brings invaluable joy. Still I need more healing to defeat the emotional turmoil which disturbs me sometimes. 

Healing is the end of an illness. But as it is for some people healing has nothing to do with any illness. The word healing and its implication give different meaning to different people. It depends on what dilemma the person is engaged in. Healing is overcoming the pain and depression by accepting the fact that what is done is done what has happened cannot be undone.

If there is a wound however it hurts medication have to be put over it to heal. When a wound heals still the scar remains and time only fade the mark away.  Likewise any emotional healing can be overcome by doing the best possible at the present time. 

 By contemplating the outcome or dwell over the past when it was different adds up to anxiety.  After settling and adjusting the feelings under the circumstance just doing the best is enough. When we learn to experience life for the moment, we don’t miss out on the small achievements that our children accomplish. We learn to celebrate little victories value the things we took for granted.

The patience, constant effort, the small victories that leads to better success is what makes it worthwhile when we look back over our shoulders measuring the achievements from the time we started. No matter what stage we are in our journey with our children every moment shall be cherished since each moment has its own significance.

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  1. I'm visiting from Blog Gems and have perhaps missed your link to a "Mother" post, but this is lovely.


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