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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Offensive experiences in living with autism

As a mother of an autistic child I also have been through many unpleasant situations where people were rude, offensive, abusive and ignorant to our circumstance.

Since Autism therapy is not available in our country; whenever possible we take our son to a neighboring country for therapies and evaluation.  On one of those visits in an International Airport we were being body checked by the airport security,  after my check I looked over where my son and husband was and I saw my husband was alone I was confused thinking where my son was. When my husband saw me  he told that our son has wandered inside alone  as soon as I heard this I ran inside but my son was nowhere to be found my husband came after the check and told that he was holding my son’s hand but the security officer told him to let go that body check can be done for one person at a time my husband said he told repeatedly that our son is an autistic child and might get lost but that security officer didn’t listen, so he had to let go. Frantically we searched for him in the duty free shops nearby and luckily I found him in a corner of one of the shops engaged in his hand flapping.

In another incident, we were in that same country. My son loves to ride in those auto rickshaws used for transport in some countries. Me and my son went for a ride in one of these rickshaws and when we finished our ride the driver doubled more than agreed fare when I started to argue he got hold of my son’s hand and pulled him out and held him by the shoulders saying that he won’t let go of my son unless I paid him. My son didn’t realize what was happening. At that moment my main concern was to free my child before he got upset I grabbed the man’s hand while screaming and somehow I don’t know where I got the strength I freed my son  and then paid him what he demanded he was an elderly man but still I’m a small person by built. I did shout for help from the audience on the road, who were enjoying watching the scene. No one came for help maybe because I was a foreigner or they just don’t get into other people’s business.

Well it’s sad but true that some people get a feeling more superior and a satisfaction by taking advantage or bullying the weak and the vulnerable.


  1. WOW - both of those stories are incredible...in a bad way. I got very tired of the tuk-tuk drivers being dishonest with fares in Thailand too...

  2. Yeah.. I know but tuk tuk drivers in Bangkok are more tolerable than these Rickshaw drivers in this country.


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