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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Weird myths about Autism

I’m sure you too must have heard some sort of weird myth about autism. 

There are many astonishing myths that people believe as the cause for autism. These relate and differ according to people’s frame of mind and beliefs. As far as I’m concerned I don’t believe these myths have anything to do with my child’s autism, but since myths have an intriguing way about it; I would like to share what I have heard.

Someone’s envy or evil eye must have caused it.
Some people say,’He’s such a beautiful child I’m sure someone’s envy must have caused it’.

Some people think envy of parents of autistic children might cause autism to their children.
Some think that parents of  autistic children might envy their normal children. As a mother of an autistic child my feeling is that I would never wish any mother or child to go through what my child and I am going through.

Result of black magic.
Since many autistic children start developing autistic features around the age of three, some people say that the child had no problem earlier so it must have been the result of black magic. 

The child is possessed by the evil spirit.
Some behaviors of autistic children like flicking the eye lids, looking sideways, speaking to self, hands flapping etc. Some people interpret these behaviors as the child is connected to some other world or spirit. 

The father or mother must have committed a grave sin.
This is also some people’s view but the one who knows the truth about everything would know what is the cause and reason better.

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