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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Comparison with other children

Watching my son and peers of his age I do observe and compare the difference between them. This makes me understand the gap and the extent of effort we still need to put on to achieve progress. It also makes me aware of things that I could teach my son firstly or easily. While I observe my son at the park I notice more easily the good or bad small things that my son has newly adopted.

Comparing your children with other children can be misread and objectionable to other parents so I make sure not to stare too openly.  

I understand and agree the fact that it’s unfair to compare your child with another autistic child, since each autistic child’s features are different and their progress speed is also different but one thing I have experienced is that my son tries to imitate physically challenged children when he spends time with other autistic children.
Earlier it saddened me also to watch children much younger than my child leaving him behind and growing up but now that it’s been a while after I came to terms with  autism I understand I have to focus only and only on my child’s growing up.

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