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Monday, February 14, 2011

Marriage and Autism

Once autism is diagnosed the whole scenario in the family changes. The relationships tend to fall apart by the stress that comes with it or for some people it further strengthens the bondage by the camaraderie of having to face a catastrophe together.  
For a husband and wife’s this could build a rift between them and rip their lives apart. If they start blaming each other or leave everything on one person’s shoulder, when the husband doesn’t want to participate in taking the child to therapies or home plan activities for their child, or if the wife can’t make time for the husband she has many things to take care of for which 24 hours seem too short and her mind is always on her child and her chores her busy schedule. All or any of these reasons might get bigger and bigger and eventually burst open at one point. Then the marriage on the rocks would see the end to it. If the parent’s part their ways how will they explain this to their autistic child? The experience and the changes that bring with it might be a setback to the child’s progress.
On the other hand if the husband and wife are true to their commitment, they share the magnetism of sharing, they share their feelings and fears together they can grow and come out strong and strive together in all the difficult situations created by the word autism and if they become each other’s strength their strength would support help them to gain the compulsory spirit to overcome. When you have an autistic child accepting support from your spouse and giving support to your spouse can patch up your relationship.
But as a wife and mother of an autistic child I know all this is easier said than done. I’m also trying hard to cope with my routine trying to keep my concern, my chores and my stress out of my husband’s way because his approach and my approach clashes when it comes to treating my autistic child but I understand how important a place my husband holds in my child’s   world and in my world.

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