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Friday, February 18, 2011

Down my memory lane

Everyone remembers and cherish the memories from the care free days of childhood. The days when we were under the cool shade of our parent’s secure protection. When we had countless questions and there were people to answer them and give advice. Parents, grandparents and teachers who inspired us to become what we are today. 

I lived with my three sisters, one brother, two cousins, mom, dad, grandmother and a cat, I had a normal childhood with support of a big family since all our extended family lived within walking distance.

When I was studying I used to think how soon it’ll all be over, I never thought I would miss those days so much once it was history.  I would never forget the group of close friends, how much fun we had together .The never ending stories, how the topics changed and got intertwined one into another and went on and on. How we sought to sit together in classes.  How we fought over the same boys. How we spent our free periods. Class parties and class news paper here I go on and on when I think back down the memory lane I wish I could turn back the time or could go back in a time tunnel and to relive just one day from my childhood days. My childhood and my school days were the best time of my life.

As we started our separate adult lives our group of friends slowly drifted apart. New friendships were formed and lost as the present time prevailed. I got married and gained another set of friends and family.

I had my friends and my family behind me until my life changed, my life changed to be different from the normal life of my friends and family.  When my son was diagnosed with autism I was very depressed and after few years of that I lost my father too so again it added to my depression and somehow at some point my family and friends have left me behind to deal with my own problems. So I’m dealing with it the best I can.

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