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Friday, January 28, 2011

A day in my autistic son’s life

My   son  sleeps  till  noon  every  day . He  wakes  up  around  12 pm.  He  goes  to  sleep  between  3  and 4 am. He has always had sleeping problem. When he was a baby too  he  slept  during  day  and  stayed awake  at  night  as  if  he  has  to  stand guard  when  everyone  else  sleeps. I  put  him  to  bed  the same  time  every  night.  When  I  make  him  very  tired  before  putting  him  to  bed  he  would  stay much later  than  when  he  usually  sleeps.  Some  days  he  stays  awake  the  whole  night  and  sleeps  in  the morning. When I wake him up early, the whole day he would be very edgy, he gets scared of regular sounds  around  the  house  hold  and  when  I  take  him  outside  he  reacts  by yelling  to the  noise  of  vehicles. If  he  wakes  up  early  as  soon  as  the  sunsets  he  tries  to  go  to  bed  but  I  make  him stay  till  the  usual  time,  that  day  he  would  sleep  very  easily  but  after  2  or 3  hours  he  would wake  up  and  stay  awake.  Astonishing  thing  about  my  son’s  sleeping  is  he  sleeps  normally whenever  we  take  him  out  of  the  country.

Before  he  wakes  up  I  finish  all  my  household  chores.  After  his  breakfast  since  he  doesn’t  attend school  I  engage him  in  play  activities.  After  his  lunch  he  goes  out  for  a  walk  or  a  ride  or  to  park  with  me  or  his  father or grandfather.  In  the  evening  I  make  him  do  activities  like  coloring, putting  blocks,  beading  etc.  After  dinner  at  9.30  I  put  him  to  bed  and  we  both  stay  awake  till he  finally  goes  to  sleep.  While  we  are  awake  I  read  stories  and  sing  to  him.  His  sleeping  habit was  a  big  hassle  for  me  when  I  used  to  work.  I  left  my  job  3  years  back  it  was  a  setback  for us  financially  but  I  wanted  to  give  him  all  the  time  I  can.  With  no  treatments  or  therapies available  I  am  trying  to  cope  and  doing  my  best  to  use  any  information  I  get  and  hoping  for  a change.

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