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Monday, January 31, 2011

GFCF Dietary approach.

Dietary  approach  is  one  of  the  many  areas  among which research  is  being done regarding Autism.

Gluten  and  Casein  free  diet  also  known as  GFCF  is  based  on  observation  that  Autism children  easily  get  food  allergies,  yeast,  gastrointestinal  problems  and  inability  to  break down  certain  protein.  Since  evidence  shows  Autism  children  have  deficiencies  in  vitamins and  minerals  they  cannot  digest  gluten  and  casein  properly.  GFCF  is  the  removal  of gluten  (a  specific  type  of  protein  found  in  wheat,  rye  and  some  other  grains)  and removal  of  all  casein  ( a  milk  phosphor  protein  found  in  most  dairy  products)  from  the diet. 

Gluten   is  found  in  most  types  of  cereals  and  bread.  There  are  grains  which  do  not  have gluten  like  wild  rice,  corn,  buckwheat,  millet,  amaranth,  quinoa,  teff,  oats,  soybeans,  and sunflower  seeds.  Casein   is   present  in  milk  from  all  mammals.  It  is  found  in  dairy  products such  as  cheese,  milk  and  yogurt  also  present  in  emulsifying  and  binding  agent  in numerous  processed  foods

I  have  also  found  reduction  of  gluten  and  casein  from my son’s  diet  have  brought  improvement in  his  behavior.  I  have  replaced  his  milk  to  soya  and  some  other  food  items  but  still  I haven’t  been  able  to  put  him  on  a  strict  GFCF  diet  as  it  is  difficult  to  find  food  without these  proteins.  After  the  change  I  find  it  easier  to  get  his  attention  and  he  is  observing what  goes  around  him  more  intensely.  Also  it  reduced  his  poking  the  finger  into  corner of  his  eyes.

In  my  experience  I  have  found  that  some  food  items  have  a  negative  effect  on  my  son.  Few  years  back  I  found  that  my  son  behaves  strangely  when  I  give  him  barley.  After taking  barley  he  stays  awake  for  2  or  3  days  with  no  sleep  at  all.

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