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Monday, May 21, 2012

Another Birthday gone another year of hope begins

Another   birthday passed but the time has been running in slow motion ever since autism took over my son. Though in slow motion I’m glad it’s moving forward. As I hope every year this year too I'm hoping that this would be the year when I can reach out to my son and find a break through which would speed the pace of time slowly to make it move a little faster and then maybe to a steady pace. 

As hope is the only string we can hold on to when nothing is to be seen ahead.  I remind myself everyday that things are eventually going to get better. For now I’m happy that my son enjoyed his Birthday in his own way with his colorful many balloons that he loves so much.

Earlier I was looking for answers from others but now I realize I should find answers on my own. I relocated in search of more opportunities for my son to receive therapies but I find here also there is not much available but now I intend to stay in one place and try to bring a change in my son’s life on my own.  I’m planning to try a home program. I would be glad to know about home programs for autism children.  Thanks to a friend, one autism mom, for suggesting and giving  information about the son-rise program.
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