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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Moms who fail in autism

A mother killed her 11 year old autistic son and tried to kill herself assuming the easy way to get rest.  The  mother was found in a hotel room with multiple knife wounds. Though she survived her son is resting in peace now.  She told police she strangled her son with a belt, she says her son was laughing when she was trying to strangle him. The child who had to face the end by his own mother could walk, run, ride a bike but could not talk. He was excited by police cars and fire engines.The 49 year old mother was a woman having trouble with her ending marriage. She even left suicides notes. Her regret is that she failed to end her life too. 

Autism is a challenge to both the child and the parents. The difficulties, frustrations, heartache, pain and anger that autism brings with it can only be understood by a mother struggling with an autistic child. It's so sad that this mother gave in and lost her precious child.

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