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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy Mother’s day.

 A very happy mother's day to  everyone.

In rainy nights the loud thunder is heard in intervals the lightning keeps penetrating inside through the windows. The whole neighborhood takes advantage of the cold dark night and sleeps in silence.  But oblivious to all this a child remains wide awake involved in something of his own and the mother accompanies him. That’s me if I have to I would stay awake my whole life if it’s to accompany my child. It’s one of the autistic problems that my child have he doesn’t sleep at night. Well the life of a mother with an autistic child is different.

All the mothers out there who loves, takes care and bring up their children are doing the most perfect and invaluable job of all time. Anyone who takes care of a child as a mother could only understand what it means to be a mother the difficulties and hurdles are nothing compared to the happiness of fulfillment that comes with caring for your child.  

 A new born baby waiving arms and legs in air is a novice in a new world, helpless without the care of a mother. A mother  who  so lovingly takes care of every need of her baby, adding up the new responsibility so enthusiastically  into her daily routine and performing according to the best of the best means for her baby. A mother doesn’t think about her gain or loss when it comes to her children’s wishes. But how many grownups are there who doesn’t think twice when their mother makes a request?

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