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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Genetic Mutation link to Autism

A new research shows many irregular genetic mutations in children with Autism Spectrum Disorder.(ASD)

Genetic mutation is a permanent change in the DNA chain that builds up a gene. It range from a single building block of DNA to a large measurement of chromosome.

The researchers found 11 out of 21 newly occurring mutations altered proteins. This may lead to clues of biological trail in development of Autism. In light of this knowledge about the way this abnormality in protein affect could result in possibility to design a prevention method or a treatment drug. 

After the examinations of the children and their families chosen for the study they learned that four children found with disrupting new genetic mutations which could have been the cause of autism were among the severely autistic group.

Earlier these types of mutations have been linked with other neurological brain disorders like epilepsy and schizophrenia too.

However the researchers are still unaware of the cause for these genetic mutations, whether it is inherited from the parents or is due to contributing environmental factors either of which they are not in a position to conclude anything yet.

But since Researchers have been able to identify these genetic mutations it’s considered as a positive step ahead in understanding autism and the role of genetic and environmental factors.

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