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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Bedtime doesn't mean sleeping.

Everyone who reads my posts would know by now that me and my son don’t sleep at night. My son’s sleeping time has again shifted.  Earlier he used to sleep when the sunrises but now he stays awake till 8 or 9 in the morning and then goes to sleep. I wish the timing would rotate and adjust to night time but it’s only a wish that’s been remaining a wish all these years. There have been intervals in between when he did sleep at night naturally. This happened whenever we took him out of the country so this makes me wonder whether it has something to do with the environment.

Normally people know when it’s time for bed we need to go to bed and sleep. My son is non-verbal but I don’t think he misinterprets the routine of going to bed because when it’s time for bed he wants to go to bed the same time as every night but only thing is he doesn’t sleep after going to bed.  Sometimes when he gets sleepy I notice that he doesn’t like getting sleepy, he gets annoyed when sleep sits on his eye lids and makes it heavy. He rubs his eyes and gets angry and tries to hurt himself.

We have tried different routines to help my child go to sleep but nothing seems to work. By lighting up or dimming the lights, by changing the temperature, by putting soothing music or no sound at all  nothing has helped. If anyone has any other suggestions for me to try that might solve this sleeping problem please let me know if I could find some way that helps it would be great help. I don’t post much personal stuff like this is because I would be dragging on something dreary in my sleepy state like now I hope I didn’t make you sleepy by reading this.

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