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Monday, April 25, 2011

When Autism strikes it pays no heed to ethnicity, creed or realm

Autism Spectrum Disorders happens to different children in different ways with diverse conditions.  As we are all aware that this doesn’t happen in any particular race, belief or nation and its not a situation which descends from anyone’s accountability. Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) comprise many disorders they are:-

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) comprises many disorders they are:-

Autism - a neurodevelopmental disorder that usually occurs within the first three years. The condition display delay in social interaction, delay in using language for social communication and delay in development of imaginative play.

Asperger's Syndrome- a form of autism which affects how a person makes sense of the world, process information and relate to people.

 Pervasive Developmental Disorder Not Otherwise Specified (PDD-NOS)-  a condition on the spectrum that shows some, but not all, of the symptoms associated with classic autism. That can include difficulty socializing with others, repetitive behaviors, and heightened sensitivities to certain stimuli.

 Rett Syndrome (which affects only girls) - a disorder of the nervous system that leads to developmental reversals, in the areas of language expressions and use of hands.

Also there are other conditions found in children related to Autism and requires special help.  They are:-

ADHD- a condition often confused to autism in both conditions children display hyperactivity and inattention as children but as they grow older Autism children may become more detached and with right environment their hyperactivity reduces where as ADHD children have to be treated with medicine to reduce their hyperactivity. Down's syndrome is a lifelong condition that causes delays in learning and development. It cannot be cured, but people with the condition can be supported to live a happy and independent life. 

Down's syndrome- a lifelong condition causes delay in learning and development. It cannot be cured, but they do learn to walk, talk and be toilet trained but in general will meet these developmental milestones later than children who do not have Down's syndrome.
Dyslexia -a learning difficulty which affects the expansion of literacy and language related skills. It is likely to be present at birth and effects for life.

Dyspraxia is immaturity in the way the brain processes information, it affects the planning of actions what and how to do it, and creates difficulty in associating language and thoughts.

Hyperlexia, Children with this condition have an extraordinary ability to read at a very young age. They also have an extreme fascination with symbols, letters, and numbers. These children also have a below normal ability to understand language. They may also have language delays and social problems.

All these conditions are unfortunate circumstances that happen to beloved children of some parents.  The severity of these conditions differs from one child to other.  The parents of children with mild conditions are more fortunate but all these parents go through the same heartache and stress in concern for their beloved children. So as parents of children with special needs there should be an understanding and bondage between themselves that should not be restricted by any boundaries. 

It is true and often complained fact by parent's of children with Autism, that SOME (I have capitalized SOME because I’m talking about a very small percentage, not everyone have a frame of mind like this) parents of typical children tend to think less of parents of a child with Autism they discriminate and criticize in situations. So as parents of children with Autism I think if we expect others to understand our situation then its important that we have an understanding between ourselves too.


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