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Friday, April 22, 2011

One month of Autism Awareness

One month in 12 months in a year is devoted to create support and awareness about Autism. Month of April, Autism Awareness month is almost over for this year. It brought hope to everyone connected in some way with Autism, I hope somewhere these wishes were fulfilled but still there’s no optimism here, not yet anyway. At this end also 2nd of April was highlighted as the Autism Awareness Day. In every news bulletin it was mentioned as Autism Awareness Day.

During this month Information about what is Autism Spectrum Disorder? What are the causes? What are the symptoms? What do these children feel? What do they go through? What are their needs?  Who can help? What needs to be done? What’s not being done? All the answers to these questions were promoted across the globe to spread awareness.

As world marks the Autism Awareness month in some places  it is marked as national autism awareness month else where many associations, communities and organizations have held events, programs, conferences, campaigns, etc. to mark and popularize the month.  This included Fundraising events, recreational events, walks for autism, lighting up blue campaign –in association to this event as a pledge to raise awareness all in support lighted up in blue on 1st and 2nd of April. All the popular iconic land marks, residents and websites were lighted and set up in blue. Clothes were worn in blue Muslim women who supported the campaign’ Blue hijab Day’ wore their hijabs in blue.

As awareness is the foundation for ensuring the requirements for children with autism. I hope the Autism Awareness month ends in triumph for all concerned. I hope the month leaves behind some ray of hope. I hope it has gained entrée for more people to health care, necessary services and progress to ease the lives of youths with autism.

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