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Monday, March 28, 2011

Still horizon is bleak here

When I was a child, I used to wave to the autistic adults who peeped through ajar doors of their homes. Then I didn’t know them as autistic people I knew them in a different name. Earlier and still some does  believe and follow the practice that under privilege people are not allowed out of their homes they should  remain hidden or in institutes. They are only allowed to peep over the walls or through partly open doors. Those who really do care about their autistic loved ones also take care of  their daily needs and  dress them up for the evening and place them in a place where they can see the traffic.

This is the practice of how autistic people have been treated here all along. Here there is not much awareness that special people may have a specialty in them. They don't know that if given right therapies at the right time it may work miracles for their autistic children. They think and believe that an autistic child would get better as they grow older and if they don’t it’s just sheer luck.

Here there are two associations associated with autism. One of the organization has been running for many years they have one physical therapist and they take care of younger children and try teaching skills for older children. The other association was recently formed and they are in their initial stage so they are still looking for therapists. There is one class formed in one of the government schools in the capital for autistic children where they read stories and play and take care of autistic children.

The bottom line is still there are no therapists or special educators or doctors to give autism treatment in this country. And there are no facilities available and yet there are many autistic children in different parts of this country.

I am just a small voice relating my concerns and worries about autism in my blog but there are many parents like me who doesn’t  even know there’s anything they can do beyond for their autistic children.


  1. I can't even imagine how frustrating it must be when the resources are not available and there is not enough attention being placed on treatment in this country. My thoughts and prayers will be with you. Here from the Happy Monday Blog Hop and am now a follower.

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  4. Thank you Yankee Texan for your kind words.I appreciate it Yes it's very frustrating out here.

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  7. Sorry to read this, its so frustrating when you can't get the right help.

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