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Friday, March 18, 2011

My Tsunami experience

Again another massive Tsunami has taken thousands of people's lives. The gut wrenching pictures and videos remind me how vulnerable we are when the nature’s fury strikes. It brings back the memories when the Indian Ocean Tsunami hit our country.

I have never experienced an earth’s tremor, on 26th Dec 2004 later I found out that a tremor was also felt in the morning that day. Me and my son were sleeping at that time and had no idea.

That day I took my son to my mom’s place and went to work. We came out of a meeting when I heard someone say a tidal wave has hit I looked out the window, from the office window I could see the Jetty area where many boats and ferry vessels were docked I saw the water rushing in land through the roads. I looked out to the sea I could see one boat lying on its side but the water level was very low it was so low that I wasn’t even able to see the water then suddenly the water level started rising it just rose covering everything, it rose over the sea wall over the jetty lifting the vessels bringing them ashore the wave started gushing inland towards the building we were in, it was the second big wave of that Tsunami. Some destruction to the buildings and flooding occurred in the capital but it brought devastation to those islands affected in our low lying nation. The huge wave came from one side took everything people buildings and trees with it and left from the other side.

The capital was saved by the seawall which was aided by Japan. Today a telethon is going on to raise funds to aid Japanese victims. Japan is far too developed a country that we cannot make any difference in help but since Japan has aided and helped us in many ways they are collecting funds and fish cans to send to Japan as a token of our well wishes.

Last Friday 11th March 2011 earthquake measuring 9.0 hit the east coast of Honshu, Japan within minutes triggering a gigantic Tsunami which ripped apart buildings and made vessels and vehicles float around like toys. The earthquake which shifted the earth’s axis has brought devastation to the people, infrastructure and economy of Japan. The Tsunami left thousands dead, missing and in shelters, The misery of the people, who lost their loved ones their homes and their well being is beyond imagination they; themselves only know the enormity of their experience.

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