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Thursday, March 10, 2011

If you need a helping hand

If you need a helping hand, look for it at the end of your own arm.

 No one is born with anything inside their palms; everyone comes to the world empty handed without any knowledge or ability. Whatever they learn themselves they learn it from others from people near and dear to them. The talent to use and practice your knowledge gives reward to any work thus giving recognition and position in the community. I was also taught and disciplined by my parents and teachers, to find my own way to become the person whom I am today so I do understand I have to do the same thing with my child.

If someone is not aware of what they are lacking until they are made to realize it they shall remain confined within their world. If a mother wastes the precious time mourning and distressing herself over her child’s inability rather than focusing on the child’s ability she won’t be able to help her child achieve anything. If I let myself dwell on in my misery I shall go deeper and deeper into the black hole. I was there for sometime where everything seemed dull and black but I have let it go behind. Since there is no fast forwarding, rewinding or editing that can be done to your life, it has to be accepted as it is and have to keep up with the stride of time.

The upbringing is the foundation of a child’s life hence a mother needs to give the child, chance and space to learn on his/her own pace because people learn from their own mistakes. Let them try over and over on their own. If your child is not comparable to their peers then you should bear patience as your resource. After all faith, love and patience can move mountains. That’s the string of hope I’m holding on to that my patience and efforts would someday bring bright colours into my child’s life.

Nothing is achieved without enthusiasm and nothing big is ever achieved without lots of hard work.

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