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Friday, February 4, 2011

Autism in my community

Though  Autism,  diagnosis,  evaluation,  treatment,  medicines,  therapies,  awareness  and  research have  been  going  on  for  decades  in  developed  countries   it’s  been  only  a  few  years   the  term  Autism   came   to  focus  in  my  community .

Since  every  new  subject  catch  interest  of  people  .Autism  is  not  a  new  word  here  also  anymore. There  are  one  or  two  organizations  who  have  already  taken  the  responsibility  to  use  the  term Autism  and  include  it  in  serving  the  disabled  children.   Among  the  Autism  associations  in different  regions  of  the  world  a  name  appears  for  this  region  too

 but  as  a  parent  of  an  autistic child  this  is  my  view  and  experience. I  get  my  hopes  up  whenever  I  see  the  name  of  a  society or  organization  concerned  with  autism  thinking  that  maybe  now  my  child  can  get  the  much needed  therapies  in  his  own  community  but  when  I meet  them I find that  they  don’t  have adequate  knowledge,  facilities  and  services  to  treat  autistic  children  and  they  are  not  ready  to get  much  involved  to  create  awareness  or  make  arrangements  to  provide  therapists  because  they  are  still  in  the  initial  stages. In  this  area  few  local  therapists  are  available  it  is  almost  an impossible  endeavor  to  get  an  appointment  for  a  therapy  session  because,  most  of  the  time  they  are  on  leave  or  out  of  the  country  and  when  they  do  give  sessions  there  are  too  many children  for  them  to  give  time  for  everyone.

Since  these  non-profit  organizations  remain  in  the  initial  stage  they  inform  that  once  they  are able  to  raise  enough  funds  they  will  be  providing  all  the  facilities,  but  the  years  have  flown  by still  there  are  no  therapists  available  and  no  improvement  seen  in  their  services,  but  they  have been   expanding  their  branches  in  different  areas,  I  also  believe  it  is  in  benefit  for  the community  since  we  have  been  stuck  in  the  same  procedure  as  every  year  for  a  very  long  time there  are  many  areas  that  need  attention  but  in  my  view  they  are  not  being  able  to  do  a proper  job  in  any  subject  on  their  agenda.

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