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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Living in present

 I  used  to  get  very depressed  whenever  I  got   a  moment   alone  to  think ,  my  mind  got  busy  with all  sorts  of  questions,  am   I  doing  everything  I  can?   What’s   going   to happen   when   my   son grows   up?  The more  I  think  the  more  questions  keep  coming  into  my head. As  time  passed and  I  have  come  to  accept  the  situation  and  got  more used  to  the  situation,  now  I  don’t  think ahead  anymore I live  my  life  in  present.  I  don’t  want  to  remember  how  it  felt  when  my  son  was diagnosed  or   worry about  how  soon  he  is  going  to  achieve  this  or  that.   I  have  set my  heart  and  mind  to  put  all  my  energy  and  effort  to  do  whatever  I  can  for  him  on  my own  taking one day at a time. Preparing myself by gathering  any  information  I  can  get  and  looking  out  for  any  opportunity or help for my son which he is very much in need.

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