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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Back, in home sweet home

Back, in home sweet home where we can smell the ocean. My son loves to be near the ocean.  We take him for walks on the beach and to bath in the sea. Since we live near the beach when ever my husband can find time he takes him to bath in the sea. My son loves to play in the water.

Again, we have come back to our home country after living for six months abroad in search of better options for my son.  Another six months of valuable time gone. Still there is no hope for autistic children here either .In fact, every parent in this country is worried about their children’s future, as different colors of politics have separated a small population in different directions.   So in a nation with no bearing where would the alienated autistic children’s future lie?

Again, my son is back in home. Back to his sofa where he sits when I do house hold chores. But I’m hoping to fight our own battle. I’m intending to work with my son more intensely, may god give me strength to tackle all the things that I want to do in so little a time of only 24 hours called a day. If anyone can give me any tips on home therapy please..let me know. 

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