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Monday, July 23, 2012

In where we are

It has been almost five months now that my son, and I have been living in this country that we have moved to.  Here there are some schools and resource centers, which provide schooling and therapies for autistic children.  We have been to almost all these places and still we have not found a school where I am confident enough to leave behind my non-verbal autistic child for even few hours.  As I find most of these places are overcrowded and the teachers have more kids than they can handle.  Therefore, I have been taking my son to therapy sessions in hospitals and resource centers.  Here what I find is that each therapist in the hospitals belongs to a circle. Each one is in connection with a resource center, which they run or which they work for and the doctors (pediatricians, psychiatrists, neurologists) connected with that resource center are the ones they want to send their patient’s to.  For foreigners these resource centers charge a registration fee heavier than the locals do which is alright for me as long as they provide the services they assure. But after the registration is over the regular therapy sessions start to lessen they are unable to give appointments as they promise.  

As for my son he likes to go to therapy sessions but part of his enthusiasm is not there as he misses his father. But there’s something that makes all his anxiety and sadness disappear. That is  when he gets to ride in a three wheeler. Three wheeler autos are something he loves to ride, which is not present in our country. So that is the highlight for my son as we live here. Soon his father is going to visit us but I am not telling this to my son yet because he will get too anxious in anticipation.

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