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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Another year

Another year begins and again I’ve been contacting all possible institutions which could provide autism therapies but with no positive result.   There are no speech therapists or occupational therapists. The local schools say they are trying to start a class for autism children but they are finding it difficult to find teachers who are willing to join for the salary they are offering.  Last year also I got the same answer that they are looking for teachers.

Again another year would add to my son’s age without therapy and schooling. I’m looking for schools in neighboring countries too. Praying that we’ll be able to shift to another country this year where my son can attend therapies. The initial expenditure to shift to another country has enabled us to make the move so far.
In my search to find a foundation that funds autism children I found only few foundations that provide individual funding and those that does pay the funds directly to the medical institute or schools but since we need to go to another country to find a school or hospital and after they do the evaluation only we would know what therapies my son has to attend and the cost so I’ve not been able to apply for funding too. In my country medical insurance does not include therapies for autism.  

Just hoping the new year would bring a new change, 
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