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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

We never know if he is really in pain or not?

Today again my son woke up with a limp. This is something that happens once in a while he’ll wake up with a limp and when I apply ointment it goes away in two or three days. What confuses me is that I still don’t have an idea about what makes it happen because, I can’t find any place in his leg where it hurts Earlier when it happens I used to take him to the doctor but  now I don’t as it has become something that comes and goes.

Sometimes my son gets this crying fit. He would cry very loudly since he rarely cries about anything this gets me very upset. When he is sick also he would only whimper but doesn’t cry much, so when he cries like this we take him to the doctor. On the ride to the doctor he would be quiet when we reach there he would start again. The doctor doesn’t find anything wrong with him so we return. On the ride back also he is fine. Then we realized that he wants to go on a ride. This also happens once in a while but every time we do take him to the doctor. We never know if he is really in pain or not? It’s so hard to find out what’s wrong and where it is hurting when my son is down with something. At times like that I feel very desperate and helpless.

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