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Monday, June 13, 2011

My son's autism anxiety

My son gets very anxious when he stays awake for a long period of time or when he can’t go out for walk at his usual time and mostly he gets very agitated when we travel by plane.  Now we have started giving him medication whenever we have to travel by plane. Though the medicine is supposed to make him sleepy he would not sleep a wink in an aero plane.

For any reason when he gets his anxiety increases it has its toll on his every autistic behavior he wouldn’t sleep, he would flap his hands more speedily; he would get scared easily over anything and everything. He gets afraid of things he usually has no problem with but if he’s anxious even a small sound would make him jump. He even gets afraid of me or his father too. Whenever he gets scared of me I feel terrible that he doesn’t realize I’m his mother.

Also my son rarely cries even if he’s in pain he would  only whimper but when he gets very anxious sometimes he cries so loudly, crying and screaming would go together. I know there are moms going through much more when their children gets anxiety fits. If anyone is interested here is a link to an online program to overcome Child Anxiety.

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