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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Firm bonding between child and mother

Since a special day is approaching, a day special for all mothers.  I would also like to share some of my feelings and experiences as a mother of an Autistic child.

Metaphorically a child never grows up for a mother but according to mothers a baby grows too quickly and gets engaged in their own obligations. The older they get the busier their schedules turn out and the mothers are left remembering the beautiful memories of their children’s childhood. But for me literally my baby is still a baby. So, on a positive note I convince myself to be glad that my child is always with me and the firm bonding I share with my child is something very special. The reward I get in return overwhelms me. The reward for me is my child’s unconditional and unlimited love .Of course it would have been great if he could learn everything like a typical child of same age and got busy on his own but for the time being I accept my child as he is and I cherish all the quality time I get to spend with my child.

As the emotional link between a mother and a child starts much earlier than the child’s entrance into this world.  It has been found that a hormone in pregnant women can tell the level of bondage the mother would have with the baby. Some mothers seem more attached to their children it's now a known detail that a mother and child’s bondage can be predicted by the level of oxytocin in pregnant women Oxytocin or cuddle hormone is considered as a great love hormone which leads to trust, sexual arousal, attachment and bonding. The level of attachment between a mother and child is defined by four aspects of interaction that is gaze, affect. touch and vocalization.

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