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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Why does the one who leave doesn't look back?

It’s such a sad thing that marriages fall apart. When it does the brunt of it rumples the lives of the children, who are being punished with no fault of their own. When the deep emotional root attached to their parents are up heaved in just one sudden blow a child of any age would be devastated. The children can’t choose their parents but the parents choose each other so when they decide to leave each other I wonder why in some cases the person who leaves doesn’t look back upon their children. Don’t they have any responsibility or emotion towards their children?

Recently there were two soul-stirring cases in the news which has happened to autistic children who were victims of broken marriages.

In Vancouver, Washington two children with autism, who were 5 and 7 years old, were kept inside a dark room in their own home with little to eat and wear. They were found in a pitiful condition by the cops who were informed by a neighbor. They were being taken care of their father and his girl friend. The mother is now claiming for custody of the children but she also had no idea about the welfare of her children and she says that the father didn’t allow her to see the children.

In another case a mother found guilty of attempted murder for withholding chemotherapy medications from her autistic son, was sentenced to eight-to-10 years in prison. This mother was a single mother. The child’s father also had little or no contact with his son.

May god help those children who are bearing the brunt of broken marriages.


  1. Stopping by from Hop A little Tuesday! My heart breaks when I read this post! On my blog I just wrote about helping parents who have a child with autism. Perhaps if we as a community help these parents, the children will have a stable environment to thrive. Hope to read more posts soon! blessings!

  2. How awful...I can't understand it.
    I'm following you from the Tuesday blog hop. Check out my blog at http://reneeschirpings.blogspot.com

  3. thanks for the great blog! And thanks for stopping by for the hop! Returning the love!

  4. These stories make me so sad. :( How people hurt children is beyond me...


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