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Sunday, April 17, 2011

A guest post by me

Check out my guest post in Hip chick's guide to PMS, pregnancy and babies , a guide to all things about pregnancy, baby, and women’s health. I’m very thankful to DP Nguyen of Hip chick's guide to PMS, pregnancy and babies, for inviting me to write a guest post and also grateful for including the subject autism in her mission to create awareness amongst women by advice and information.

In my situation coping with the tensions that comes with autism and in frustration of the fact that my child is losing precious time without proper help, you may imagine how my frame of mind would be but finding new friends and being appreciated gives a much needed boost to my confidence. So once again I thank Hip chick’s guide to PMS, pregnancy and babies for publishing my post.


  1. I read the post and left a comment there. Thank you for all the information.

  2. Following from (the Hop A Little Tuesday) The Mommy Blog: http://www.wittyones.blogspot.com!


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