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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Are those who fund autism aware?

Are those who fund autism aware that their funds go into rights hands? Do they have procedures to track how their precious funds are handled?

Today is world Autism Awareness Day. Awareness is the pillar for acceptance. Acceptance is what that makes the lives touched by autism much easier.  Going through the everyday life, minus the incidents which come together with autism that scorch the hearts by the insults of people who are ignorant to what autism is would lift some weight off our heads. As parents of autistic children we already have a hovering burden over our heads thinking about our autistic children’s welfare.  By accepting it would be a tremendous success, if the world also does think about the welfare of autistic children other than their parents.

There are many organizations and charities that do think about autism children.  They are contributing a commendable tribute to humanity.  In order to make their efforts more effective I wonder whether they follow up on their projects. Most of the grants aided to countries immensely in need are given to organizations I believe that is in cause to benefit more individuals from their gesture, but what if the proper follow up is not done and their good intension go in vain. I understand it isn’t easy to do follow up on funds given to remote places. Most likely remote places would have small population hence why not the children and adult with autism in these remote areas be given individual help hence there would be the certainty of benefit. 

Of course if an organization uses the grant funds aided by well wishers in appropriate methods to benefit the small number of autistic children and adults in a small population then they would have necessary therapies and benefits. So It is my humble wish from those who are so kind enough to reach out to autistic children around the world where no help is available, that they do make sure that their means are not lead to alternate directions.

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