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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Looming Fear

Once again I’m worried thinking about my son’s future, the inevitable fear deep inside the heart was brought up today by an incident that happened in the capital today. An under privileged young woman and her mother died in a fire. They were trapped in a room. The news of such incidents make the whole day gloomy. I’m frightened of any possible disaster because when disaster strikes children and adults who need others help are helpless in such situations, where everyone runs for their lives. I watched such an upsetting interview from a Japanese survivor also.  She told about her underprivileged niece being alone at home when the Tsunami came, she said that her niece wouldn’t be able to get out on her own and later when she came back to look up where her home was there was nothing but mud left. I know it’s all about one’s own fate but still one cannot get rid of these thoughts so easily. Well… I’m afraid I can’t.
There’s always the fear of autistic children or adults running into an accident. If somehow an autistic child or adult manage to wander outside then any parent would go berserk with worry until they find their loved one. Being an autistic child’s parent is like walking on eggs there’s always a looming fear inside the heart.

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