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Saturday, January 1, 2011


Since  my  son  is  non  verbal  there  are  times  he  gets  frustrated  when  I don’t  understand  what  he wants  yet  he  doesn’t  get  angry  or  cry.  He  usually  expresses  himself  with  his  eyes  but  sometimes I miss  his  look.  I  get  frustrated  when  I  miss  that  look  or  when  I  miss  the  timing  which  I  was supposed  to  do  something  for  him  or  when  I  don’t  get  his  cooperation  or  when  I  fail  trying   to train  him  in some way  and  most  of  all  when  someone  blames  me for his lack of progress.   Frustration   and  helplessness  goes  together  with  autism  but  no  matter  what  I  feel  inside  I  have to  smile  for  my  child,  I  have  to  sing  for  him  and  go  on  with  my  routine  since  keeping  to  the routine  is  important.   I guess every mom mentally  prepare  herself for child birth with all her might, as armoring for a battle ahead and the spirit remains through her entire life wherever and whenever it concerns her children.

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